Teenbaan.com Cottage Industrial Program.

          You are going to get the product directly from the Cottage industrialist (manufactures). We know everyone is unique so every product you order in this section is developing with your name from the scratch (Raw material collection to Delivery). "Go Green" 99% natural raw material and purely #Handmade.


Step 0: You placed the order
Step 1: Raw material collection and Quality check
Step 2: Design and Design Verification
Step 3: Making and Quality check-in every stage
Step 4: Quality Check before Packing
Step 5: You get the fresh new product minimum in 5days

You are going to track your footwear making in every move.
#NaturalRawMaterial #Women #Fashion #Sandals #Unique #HandMade #MadeinIndia


How it is different from traditional e-commerce?

Traditional e-commerce: Import bulks and distributes to its customers. Few variants may not be available in the respective product that may be large size, small size or different color and it may be old stock.

Teenbaan Cottage Industrial Program: Once you placed the order, we started to make your product the size you are looking for maybe 4 or 13 and the color you selected. And our quality team assures that the product is fine in every stage (Raw material collection to Delivery). You receive the product within 10 days from your ordered and we(teenbaan.com) assure the product quality in every stage.